Adverb Class Lecture Notes And PDF Download

Adverb Class Lecture Notes And PDF Download

Hello Dear students welcome to all of you, आज की इस post में adverb class lecture notes and pdf download को देखेंगे। Adverb Chapter का यह first part है इसके बाद next part में अगली class lecture का content डाला जायेगा जिसे आप English by maquebool Sir के category में जाकर पढ़ सकते हैं।

Adverb Definition

An adverb is the word which is used to modify a verb and adjective anathor adverb, a preposition,a conjunction and other sentences.
1. He writes well.
2. She is very tall.
3. He threw a stone perfectly.

Notes: कुछ ऐसे adverbs है जो Noun तथा pronoun दोनो की तारीफ करते है। जैसे as, too, only, even, almost, atleast.

Ex : Even he did not talk to me.
He did not even talk to me.

Kinds Of Adverb  

1. Adverb of place – Here, there, in, inside
2. Adverb of time- Today, tomorrow, yesterday
3.Adverb of frequently- often, rarely, always, never, almost, sometimes.
4. Adverb of degree – Very, too, much, enough
5. Adverb of manner – जिनमे प्रायः ly लगा है और कार्य के होने का style व्यक्त करे

(a) He spokes loudly.
(b) You behave in impressivelly.

6. Adverb of affirmations/negation

Affirmations ( yes, surely, centainly, absolutely, rarely, infact)

Negation ( no, not, none, never, seldom, barely, hardly, rarely, scarcely)

Important Rules For SSC Exams

Rules 1. कुछ ऐसे past participle वाले adjective है जिनके पहले very आता है। much नही।
Ex : Tired, Pleased, delighted, contented, discontented, dejected, limited drunk.

Q.1 You are much tired/ of thier work/ consequently you need to rest.
Ans: उपर्युक्त दिए गए sentence में much के स्थान पर very का use होगा।

Rule 2. Verb को qualify करने के लिए much आता है very नही।

Ex: वह बहुत खाना है।
He eats much ()/ very (×).

You talk very (×)/much () but do nothing
उपर्युक्त दिए गए दोनो sentence में much का प्रयोग होगा very का नहीं।

1) Affirmative Sentence में much और very दोनों का प्रयोग किया जा सकता है लेकिन Negative वाले sentence में केवल much का use होता है न की very और very much का।

Ex: You like her much
I don’t eat/very much/ in the night/ no error.
दिए गए इस sentence में very much के स्थान पर much का use होगा न की very much का।

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